Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Watch Vikings Season 4 Episode 2 Online - Kill the Queen

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Vikings is prepared for its 4th season. The series includes story of Lagnar Rothbrok and the way Vikings was able to dominate the West. Now the series is extremely expected to premier in the next month. Vikings is returning for gripping 4th season led by Travis Fimmel, upcoming movie on Thursday. The statement also described some attractive stories connecting season 3 and 4 and it could be assumed with the returning of Vikings on this February.


The season 3 came with the extraordinary war in Paris including Ragnar seized success from the failure however still come back to Kattegat dangerously sickness. The perceptions of death weaken the armies who look to win with him including his wife Queen Aslaug and his elder son, Bjorn. In between Lagertha continues power struggles with her calculating, another second in command, Kalf, Rollo hand over his Vikings treasure by staying in Frankia and Floki is seized for his atrocious actions to the Christian priest Athelstan. Eventually the network describes the newest character inclusions with the comeback of Viking. Acting in Stellar this season, Peter Franzen working as King Harold Finehair, a complicated member who looks a chance to become the king of Norway and a mass threat to Ragnar, Jasper Paakkonen as Halfden The Black. An aggressive younger brother of king Harold and Dianne Doan acting as Yidu, totally new character in the Vikings season 4 episode 2 in fact in the whole series who surprises Ragnar. Game of Thrones Season 6 Online

The finale of season 3 was completely crazy that ended with a heart-throbbing note that Ragnar was alive, Rollo receives a chance to become a Count of Paris and Floki had simply realized that his bearded mate knew he was accountable for Athelstan’s death. Normally it is secured to consider that 4th season will go larger, superior and even more crazy than the past season so it is tough to wait.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Watch Vikings Season 4 Episode 1 Online - A Good Treason

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The Season 4 premiere of "Vikings" is only a few weeks away and devoted fans of this period drama want to know what happens to the Lothbroks. If there's an underlying theme for the upcoming season, it is treachery, and this will perhaps punctuate Rollo (Clive Standen) and Princess Gisla's (Morgane Polanski) marriage.

At the end of Season 3, Ragnar's brother Rollo agreed to fight against the Vikings in exchange for a Parisian bride and power on the capital. However, his hubris blinded him to the melancholic persona of Princess Gisla. Marrying a "pagan" was the worst fate that she could ask for, but the Princess didn't have a choice. Will she remain married to him, or will she find a way to escape from her marriage?

The recently-released promo for Season 4 Episode 1 offers a glimpse of Rollo's marriage. His wife is scared as the former Viking warrior approaches her. She resists his attempts to consummate their marriage and finally pulls out a knife. Rollo is shocked at first, but becomes condescending later. In any case, he does not believe she can harm him. He falls asleep and asks her to do the same.

Rollo addresses her as "wife," establishing his authority and dominance in their marriage. Furthermore, he doesn't seem to understand or know why his wife harbours hatred towards him. This one-minute video hints at Princess Gisla's desperation and she will do anything to save herself from the marriage.

As Season 4 progresses, the Princess may secure her future by betraying him to Ragnar (Travis Fimmel). Although the Viking warrior is sick in Kattegat, precious information against the man who turned against him will always be valued.

Standen described Season 4 of "Vikings" as "raw" and "powerful" in a behind-the-scenes clip released by The History Channel. The actor said that the Vikings and the Frankies go to war and added that no one will be safe. "It's all about the struggle for power," he said.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Spoilers, Premiere, Info - Watch Vikings Season 4 Online Free Streaming

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Good news for History Channel's fans that Vikings Season 4 will have more interesting episodes than previous season. You all very well know that Katheryn Winnick plays Vikings fan favorite, Lagertha Vikings fan favorite, Lagertha) confirmed at San Diego Comic Con that there would be double the amount of Vikings episodes. when Jim Vejvoda asked if there would be 20 episodes for Season 4 of Vikings the she replied double the amount. Winnick on tracked a little after that, leaning towards Clive Standen (who plays role in Vikings) and she said, Yeah, I think so. 

The Hollywood Reporter says that Finnish actor, Peter Franzen is a Scandinavian warrior and potential threat to Ragnar who are three new characters in Vikings. The major role of Vikings casting will be join Dianne Doan and Her character's name is Yidu. She is a Chinese character who will have a big role in Vikings Season 4. 

After a great season 3, all fans in the world want to watch Vikings season 4 which is story of king Ragnar Lothbrok. And This time the popular series will return with 20 episodes. In season 4 something excited twists will happen in Regnars life with regards two relationship between with his brother Rollo and his best friend Floki as he is caught between betrayal and loyalty.  Vikings Season 4 Online

Shown in the trailer Denmark king remember the truth about Athelstan's death and will punish Floki for killing him. And the other hand Aslaug will help, and ask him the woman ruler of Kattegat. 

Vikings season 4 will also introduce the new character King Harold Finehair who aspires to become the King of Norway. This role will played by Peter Franzén who the biggest threat to King Ragnar. 

The consist of 10 episodes, part 1 of Vikings season 4 will premiere on 18 February 2016. The remaining 10 episodes will later the same year.